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Is Your Failure to Secure Digital Real Estate Leaving You Exposed?

The term digital real estate refers to the domain names, social media handles or other markers that stake out a space on the Internet as being yours. Digital real estate can take many forms, from a free service such as a Twitter account, to highly regulated and sometimes, costly domains. All digital real estate provides [...]

Google’s Message to Bloggers: Be transparent when reviewing free products

 Are you a blogger, who receives free products or services to review online? Then pay close attention because Google recently published a set of guidelines (Guidelines) for you to follow. Not sure if you are in Google’s sights? Here are just a few examples of the type of situations that are bound to capture Google’s [...]

All’s Fair in Love and War, but not in Advertising: Julie Goodwin cries ‘lies and propaganda’ in response to false advertising

A producer of diet pills has used the image of celebrity chef, Julie Goodwin, in pursuit of increasing sales. It has come to light that the celebrity chef is now considering legal action. The company, Garcinia Total, reappropriated images of the former MasterChef winner from a recent piece about her in the Australian Women’s Weekly, [...]

Online Reviews – What You Need To Know

Online Reviews – What You Need To Know Almost every commercial interaction now comes with a request from the provider requesting a testimonial. Often these testimonials are published online across a variety of channels – from review websites such as TripAdvisor and Google to social media platforms. What many businesses and brands may not be [...]

To Return Or Not To Return: Retailers’ Rights and Responsibilities Under Australian Law

As Christmas fast approaches, issues surrounding returns and refunds arise with increasing frequency. At Pod Legal, we’ve noticed that the same questions keep arising among retailers: Can a retailer refuse to give a refund because the returned item is not in its original packaging? If a consumer decides to return a product merely because they [...]

Will Your Website Put You In Legal Hot Water? There’s A Quick, Easy Way To Find Out.

The Internet juggernaut has taken over and the stampede is on. New, online businesses are being created in high volume, and existing businesses are establishing online presences in numbers not thought possible only a decade ago. But, as is the case with all stampedes, there is bound to be a little chaos and some unintended [...]

Bet365 Faces Big Penalties after Federal Court deems ‘Free Bets’ Misleading and Deceptive Conduct

Bet365 faces large fines and other punitive measures after the Federal Court decided that the company engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct, after it offered ‘free bets’ to new customers. His Honour Justice Beach of the Federal Court found that the betting giant, using resources from both its UK and Australian arms, wove a ‘web [...]

4 Hot Tips for Using Periscope without breaking the Law

Do you like to incorporate exciting new tech, like video streaming Apps, into the media mix for your business? Then wait! You need to read this article first. Sharing video content in a live setting is no new phenomenon. For years, television and online broadcasters have provided viewers with access to live content, broadcast directly [...]

ACCC issues fines over “fresh Australian juice” that is in reality none of those things

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recently issued fines to Supabarn Supermarkets Pty Ltd (Supabarn) and The Real Juice Company Pty Ltd (Real Juice) over false representations regarding Real Juice products sold at Supabarn. The regulator found various statements made in relation to private label apple juice and cranberry juice to be false, misleading [...]

Eggs, Hens, Honey And The Australian Consumer Law

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has recently pursued a number of businesses over misleading information regarding the origin of goods available for sale in Australian stores. Understanding the need to correctly label products is important for businesses operating in Australia, as Australians have proven a willingness to pay a premium for products that [...]

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