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Changes to the IP Australia trade mark fee structure

    There are some upcoming changes  to the IP Australia trade mark fee structure, which will take place on 10 October 2016. This is good news for those wishing to trade mark business and brand names in Australia because there will be a fee reduction, which we will be passing on to you. In [...]

On the Bookshelf: Innovation, Leading and Excellent Life and Being On Purpose

  Unlocking the keys to innovation, living an excellent life and being On Purpose This week we want to share some of the books that we’re reading and that you may want to add to your business resources to drive innovation and provide a practical framework for living an excellent life and being on pupose. [...]

Copyright and Building Your Home

  Can you use a building floor plan you find online? We discuss the following scenario with Amelia Lee, a Architect with 20+ years design experience and the Principal of Undercover Architect: You want to build a new house. You’re visiting display villages. You’re looking at floor plans online. You find one that you love – but you [...]

Google’s Message to Bloggers: Be transparent when reviewing free products

 Are you a blogger, who receives free products or services to review online? Then pay close attention because Google recently published a set of guidelines (Guidelines) for you to follow. Not sure if you are in Google’s sights? Here are just a few examples of the type of situations that are bound to capture Google’s [...]

Who’s Who in the Copyright Zoo?

An issue that often rears its often ugly head is that of who owns copyright in original works. Disputes around ownership of copyright typically arise as a consequence of someone using someone else’s work, without their permission. Generally, the first owner of copyright in an original work is the author of that work. For example, [...]

Will Your Website Put You In Legal Hot Water? There’s A Quick, Easy Way To Find Out.

The Internet juggernaut has taken over and the stampede is on. New, online businesses are being created in high volume, and existing businesses are establishing online presences in numbers not thought possible only a decade ago. But, as is the case with all stampedes, there is bound to be a little chaos and some unintended [...]

Fella the Dachshund Claims Ownership of Copyright…The Law Says “Barking Up Wrong Tree”

In this exciting time of technological advancement, most of us are permanently connected to our smartphones, tablets and cameras. People record all aspects of their lives, sometimes to an alarming extent. We’ve become truly fascinated by recording our every move and posting it online for the world to see. We have also developed an insatiable [...]

4 Hot Tips for Using Periscope without breaking the Law

Do you like to incorporate exciting new tech, like video streaming Apps, into the media mix for your business? Then wait! You need to read this article first. Sharing video content in a live setting is no new phenomenon. For years, television and online broadcasters have provided viewers with access to live content, broadcast directly [...]

RSS Feeds And Copyright

RSS (or Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering frequently updated web content such as blog posts, news headlines, audio and video. RSS has become a popular feature of many websites, particularly for news media outlets. Yet its popularity has also grown for various other commercial organisations seeking to appear in touch with the [...]

Copyright ownership and third party creators

There are numerous reasons why established Intellectual Property (IP) rights are important to businesses. IP rights over works created by third parties can not only help to manage risk, but can also increase the value of your IP portfolio. Further, a clear portfolio of copyright material can satisfy enquiries from potential purchasers and investors regarding [...]

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