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Comment: Who owns your selfie?

As published by SBS News. Ellen DeGeneres was responsible for a record-breaking selfie taken at the Oscars, and it was shared via Twitter by millions. But what exactly is a selfie, what’s with all the hype, and what are the legal pitfalls to be wary of? They’re found in our classrooms, workplaces and homes – [...]

Online Reviews: What You Need To Know

As published by MyBusiness Magazine The increasing prevalence of online reviews and their use by consumers has led the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to release a set of best practice guidelines for businesses titled What You Need To Know About: Online reviews – a guide for business and review platforms. While the ACCC [...]

Be Consumer Rights Savvy This Christmas

As published by SBS News With Christmas just around the corner more and more Australians are heading online to tick off their Christmas lists.  While online shopping brings a slew of benefits it can also be a confusing experience for consumers and business operators alike. As the worlds of consumers and business operators collide online, [...]

Crowdsourcing – Everyone Doesn’t Always Win

As published by SBS News Crowdsourcing is a form of outsourcing and it comes with indisputable benefits. But do those benefits stack up against the inevitable risks that accompany them? Crowdsourcing is the simple act of sourcing from a group of people (crowd), rather than from a specific third party. It may relate to the [...]

Do You Really Want To Be An Expert?

As published by MyBusiness Magazine Building your profile as an ‘expert’ may not be as clever as you think and could land you in court (and not as an expert witness) At a time when information and resources are abundant and freely distributed via websites and social media, there’s no shortage of experts. But is [...]

Pod Legal Proud To Be Named On First Ever Australian and New Zealand ‘Legal Innovation Index’

Pod Legal is proud to announce that it has been placed on the inaugural Legal Innovation Index in recognition of ‘Innovative branding, communication and expertise promotion’. Each of the top ten firms were required to demonstrate that they are driving innovation across knowledge sharing, cost and time management, client service delivery and employee engagement, amongst [...]

Should Your Blog Display a Disclaimer?

Featured by Lawyers are often asked by their clients who write blogs whether or not they should have a legal disclaimer on their blog. Here, leading intellectual property lawyer Jamie White answers that question. Perhaps the motivation for this question is quite simple and sparked by mere curiosity. Or perhaps, it is to discover [...]

Five Ways To Stay In Play With Facebook Marketing

As featured by In his first My Business blog, social media legal expert Jamie White outlines five Facebook rules that are often broken by businesses using the social media network as a marketing tool and explains how you can stay in play. Read more.

SME Owners On Facebook Urged To Understand Copyright Law

As featured by One of Australia’s leading social media law experts says SME owners are facing Facebook extinction if they neglect to understand the implications of copyright law when it comes to their presence on the social media platform. Read more.

Breaking Social Media Laws

As featured by Australian brands and businesses are frequently flouting social media laws by failing to abide by competition and promotion rules, it has been claimed. Read more.

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