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Online Reviews – What You Need To Know

Online Reviews – What You Need To Know Almost every commercial interaction now comes with a request from the provider requesting a testimonial. Often these testimonials are published online across a variety of channels – from review websites such as TripAdvisor and Google to social media platforms. What many businesses and brands may not be [...]

Will Your Website Put You In Legal Hot Water? There’s A Quick, Easy Way To Find Out.

The Internet juggernaut has taken over and the stampede is on. New, online businesses are being created in high volume, and existing businesses are establishing online presences in numbers not thought possible only a decade ago. But, as is the case with all stampedes, there is bound to be a little chaos and some unintended [...]

4 Hot Tips for Using Periscope without breaking the Law

Do you like to incorporate exciting new tech, like video streaming Apps, into the media mix for your business? Then wait! You need to read this article first. Sharing video content in a live setting is no new phenomenon. For years, television and online broadcasters have provided viewers with access to live content, broadcast directly [...]

Crowdsourcing – Everyone Doesn’t Always Win

As published by SBS News Crowdsourcing is a form of outsourcing and it comes with indisputable benefits. But do those benefits stack up against the inevitable risks that accompany them? Crowdsourcing is the simple act of sourcing from a group of people (crowd), rather than from a specific third party. It may relate to the [...]

Penalties For Spamming Are Real…Here’s The Proof

We all receive those irritating emails that we didn’t consent to receive. With the frequency that they hit our inboxes with, one would be excused for thinking that spamming laws are ineffective. However, significant penalties (and warnings) have been imposed upon Australian business owners in the past 12 months. Here’s a summary (in no particular [...]

Automatic Renewal Of Domain Names

A contentious issue, at least in the .au domain name space, is whether or not a domain name registrar, or their appointed resellers, may automatically renew a domain name that you previously registered through them. While this may be a welcome convenience for those wishing to have their domain names renewed, for others it is [...]

Beware: Unsolicited Emails From Domain Name Companies

Have you been contacted by an unknown overseas company claiming that another company has attempted to register you brand names overseas? We often get asked about the legitimacy of unsolicited emails received from companies based in China and Hong Kong. Sometimes, the general intention of these emails is to mislead the recipient in to registering [...]

Your Facebook Wall Is Not Private

If your business has a Facebook page or Twitter feed, or if you have a LinkedIn profile, you know that the face of employer-employee interactions and business-customer interactions have changed, and social media is the agent of that change.  Social media blurs the line between an individual’s public and private conversations. What was once a [...]

Apple’s iPhone Loses Name Legal Battle

As featured by A MEXICAN telecommunications firm named iFone has declared victory in a trademark battle with Apple’s iPhone, exposing the US company to a potential compensation payment. Read more.

Apple Powers Up After Billion-Dollar Lawsuit Win

As featured by Samsung has been ordered to pay US$1 billion for infringing Apple’s patents and may have to pull up to eight of its products from US shelves in what legal experts have described as a massive competitive play. Read more.

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