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Social Media

Most of us enjoy engaging in social media and the benefits it can bring to our businesses. However, navigating the legal minefields of social media can be difficult as there are many areas of law that come in to play, including laws relating to employment, intellectual property, privacy, technology, trade practices and general contract law.

Social Media Advice

In a world where social media and your online presence is key, managing the legal risks of your social media channels is extremely important. Therefore,...

Social Media Policies

Use of social media can be addictive, time consuming and sometimes, a drain on employer resources. Therefore, valuable business resources are possibly...

Social Media Terms

Business-customer relations have changed in the face of social media. If your business uses social media tools to enhance your marketing and advertising...

Social Media Tips

Recent landmark decisions mean that social media page owners will be liable for all content posted on their social media pages, including content posted...

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