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We deliver training on the following topics via face-to-face workshops, presentations or webinars.

Training content is fully customisable to be industry specific and tailored to suit your audience. Regardless of whether you require training for interns, employees or executive management, we will develop a training package to perfectly suit your requirements.

Social media

We live in a world where integrating social media in to your business is a must. It can be used to build relationships, obtain valuable customer insights, expose your brands or enhance the reputation of your business.

However, there is a range of laws that impact upon social media, most of which feature heavily in the paper-based world. These laws mostly relate to defamation, copyright, trade marks, trade practices and privacy. Consequences for breaches can include adverse impact on a brand, negative business reputation, financial penalties, termination of employment and the permanent disablement of social media pages.

Understand the legal risks associated with using social media, while still harnessing the power and advantages of social media.

Professional trainers will encourage the use of social media in your business, while providing strategies to manage the legal risk.

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Businesses have shifted toward the Internet to do business. Notably, many businesses have an online presence via a website. However, you may be placing your business at risk if you display content which you or an employee did not produce, display trade marks owned by others, run competitions, link to external websites, do not display important legal notices or send electronic messages without recipient consent.

Discover how you can manage the legal risks associated with your online business presence.

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Intellectual property

Intellectual property is quickly becoming recognised as an important and valuable business asset. It is widely accepted that businesses that have sound intellectual property strategies in place gain a competitive advantage over those that do not.

Intellectual property encompasses all registered or unregistered design rights, trade marks, patents, copyright, confidential information, business names, database rights, know-how, technology and other intellectual property rights, whether capable of registration or not.

This training will enable participants to better understand intellectual property, identify intellectual property with the business, reduce risk associated with intellectual property and how to turn intellectual property in to valuable commercial assets.

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