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Our Story

After ten years of playing and teaching professional tennis, Jamie decided to ‘get serious with life’, so he enrolled to study law at Bond University in Queensland.

During his playing career, Jamie learned, practiced and refined technical skills, concentration, discipline and problem solving techniques. As the owner of a leading tennis academy, Jamie engaged in marketing, event management and day-to-day business operations. It was during this time that he identified and embraced his entrepreneurial spirit.

Whilst studying law, Jamie created Australia’s first online retail store for tennis gear. Before long, he was running a very successful international business from his laptop in the law school library. This naturally led him to undertake a stream of specialist subjects, including IT & the Law, E-Commerce & the Law and Entrepreneurship. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jamie was the recipient of ‘First in Class’ awards for all three of these subjects. After graduating from university, Jamie worked at two separate law firms and took on post-graduate study. However, he thought he could bring something new and fresh to the legal industry. Consequently, he started a brand new law firm…one that would provide clients with value and transparency via fixed fee billing.

In 2010, Jamie and Karan met while Jamie was delivering a presentation at an event in Queensland. Karan was a Bank Manager at one of the ‘Big 4’ banks. Not for long though. Jamie and Karan soon identified that with complementary skill sets, they could work together to deliver legal services in a way that had rarely (if ever) been seen before. With a company restructure and rebrand, Pod Legal had arrived.

Karan and Jamie now run offices in Brisbane and Melbourne and work with clients based Australia-wide and who have business interests in over 42 countries around the world. They run a team of specialist lawyers and consultants, who are leaders in their fields and who write the textbooks that are taught at universities around the world.

Pod Legal and the Pod Legal team now receive widespread recognition and often feature in the media as authority in intellectual property, technology law and social media law.