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Australian Influencer Marketing Council Releases Its First Influencer Code of Practice

The Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AIMCo) was assembled in 2019 to guide the future of influencer marketing in Australia. It has today announced its inaugural Influencer Code of Practice, raising Australia’s influencer marketing industry up to the bar set by the US and the UK in terms of regulation.

With Chair Detch Singh at the helm, Pod Legal’s Business Director Karan White will join Patrick Whitnall of Publicis Media as the deputy Chair duo.

In such testing times for marketing and advertising, the launch of AIMCo couldn’t be more welcome in industry. “With the sharp increase of social media consumption in the post-COVID environment, brands have increasingly relied on influencers as an effective way to reach audiences,” explains Karan. “Now, more than ever, it is timely to launch AIMCo’s Influencer Marketing Code of Practice,” she continues, noting that the code will bring a long-awaited backbone to an industry that has remained, in many ways, comparably under-respected by fans of traditional media.

“Through the Code, AIMCo will provide a long-awaited framework for transparent industry conduct, elevation of the value of influencers and content creators; and a professional industry body to support this vital market sector,” Karan said.

The Influencer Marketing Code of Practice has been developed with input from over 50 companies representing all aspects of the influencer marketplace in Australia. The Code of Practice places much-needed regulation on the areas of responsibility and proposed requirements for all stakeholders involved in the deployment of influencer marketing campaigns.

The Code will include guidelines on influencer vetting and selection, advertising disclosure, and contractual considerations including content rights usage and metrics reporting. It stands to extend confidence in influencer marketing on a local and international scale by providing the structures and regulations the industry needs to evolve as it has shown it can.

The initial focus is on the rollout of best practice frameworks, with the AIMCo Guiding Council moving forward to establish industry working groups that will address continued areas of focus. Widespread education, industry training and continuous improvement of accountability frameworks were noted as focus points for the Council going forward.

View the AIMCo Influencer Code of Practice and read more about AIMCo here.