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The Pod Experience: Trusted Business Law

Whether you want to trade mark your brand name, tackle an intellectual property dispute, or tighten up your retailer policies for better business processes, Pod Legal can help. 

Trade Marking, IP Law and Legal Advice for Public Figures and Entrepreneurs

Pod Legal has worked with the incredibly influential Lisa Messenger of Collective Hub for several years, assisting her with trade marking, contracts and all intellectual property requirements. Here’s what Lisa had to say: 

I have used Jamie and the team at Pod Legal for all our trade marking and IP requirements, contracts and general legal advice, for as long as I can remember.  They have absolutely been an extension of my brain and team and I practically couldn’t move on so many important business items without them by my side. Lisa Messenger Founder, Collective Hub; Entrepreneur; Author; Investor

Legal Contracts for Business Coaches

We helped Catherine Langman draw up several contracts for her business coaching services via her business Productpreneur Success. Here’s what she had to say:

I recently worked with Jamie at Pod Legal when I needed several contracts drawn up for my business. He was prompt, courteous and gave me excellent advice. I have since recommended him to many of my clients who have all had similar experiences. Catherine Langman, Productpreneur Success

IP Law for Digital Agencies 

Pod Legal helped Melbourne social media agency, Ruby Assembly, with their compliance and brand trade marking. Here’s what Director Iolanthe had to say:

Jamie White and Pod Legal are an essential part of Ruby Assembly. Jamie’s sound advice has helped guide our approach to a variety of matters from prospecting through to compliance and trade marking. Pod Legal have supported Ruby Assembly to grow exponentially, providing necessary contracts, service agreements and helping us to achieve trade mark status – all of which add terrific value to my business. I feel confident to make robust business decisions and negotiate powerfully with Jamie and team Pod Legal’s smarts on our side. Iolanthe, Ruby Assembly

Urgent Legal Advice for Product Based Businesses

Pod Legal supported local jewellery business, Uberkate, to overcome an urgent legal dispute – and resolved it in their favour. Here’s what Kate had to say:

We recently needed urgent legal and IP advice and Pod legal/Jamie were amazing. They went above and beyond, with clear instructions, discussing our options and helping us to resolve a situation, in our favour. We would recommend them to anyone. Kate Sutton, Uberkate

Social Media Lawyer for Hotels

We assisted Hyatt Regency Sydney with their social media policies. Here’s what they had to say:

Pod Legal have always been a delight to work with. Each experience has only ever been seamless from start to finish. They are quick to respond, review and provide feedback that is clear and easy to understand. They’re certainly our go-to for providing legal insight to the world of social media. Hyatt Regency Sydney

Social Media Training for Healthcare Leaders

We worked with APHS to deliver a training presentation to senior leadership to educate and empower on the use of social media in healthcare. Here’s what Managing Partner Cathie Reid had to say:

We engaged Jamie to deliver a presentation to our senior leadership team on the use of social media in the healthcare space, and we were delighted with the delivered outcome. His content was well researched and audience appropriate, and the feedback we received from the participants was excellent. He made a point of arriving much earlier than required to ensure he was able to observe the culture and style of the event, and married his delivery to the themes of the day. Cathie Reid, APHS Managing Partner & APHS Packaging Founder

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