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Call For Participation: IP Research

Our colleagues at Bond University and Australian Catholic University are currently conducting research into the management of intellectual property by small and medium sized social enterprise (SMESEs) which:

  • are led by an economic, social, cultural, or environmental mission consistent with a public or community benefit;
  • trade to fulfil their mission;
  • derive a substantial portion of their income from trade; and
  • reinvest the majority of their profit/surplus in the fulfillment of their mission.

If your organisation can be described in these terms and you are a small enterprise (employing fewer than 20 people) or a medium size enterprise (employing 20 or more people, but fewer than 200) then the research team would like to include you in this project. Your participation would consist of a few brief initial questions by email and, if you are selected for an interview, the interview will take approximately one hour to be conducted at a convenient venue. Your organisation will benefit from constructive feedback after the interviews have been completed, and may assist you with strategies to improve your enterprise’s intellectual property management, leading to effective brand building.

Please contact Elizabeth Crawford Spencer ( or Francina Cantatore ( if you would be interested in participating.