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Copyright and Building Your Home

Can you use a building floor plan you find online?

We discuss the following scenario with Amelia Lee, a Architect with 20+ years design experience and the Principal of Undercover Architect:

You want to build a new house.

You’re visiting display villages. You’re looking at floor plans online. You find one that you love – but you don’t like the price, or you’re not sure about that specific building company.

The plan, however, is perfect – exactly what you’ve been looking for!

A local builder in your area says they can build it more cheaply. They can take that plan, get their draftsperson to draw it up and get your approvals, and you can start construction soon – on budget.

You’re so excited! This seems perfect! The plan you want, at the price you want to pay!! Surely it’s ok – I mean, it’s a plan that’s publicly available online?

How does copyright apply in this scenario? Read the article in full at Undercover Architect.

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