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Online Terms

Many people now look toward the Internet as a place for doing business. This may be due to becoming retrenched, winding up an ‘offline’ business, reducing business operating costs or to exploit the endless commercial opportunities that the Internet has to offer. Whatever the case may be, many people do not realise that the laws of the paper-based world also apply in the online environment.

There are many laws that apply when doing business online, including laws relating to copyright, trade marks, privacy, spam and trade practices.

The display of tailored legal terms and conditions on your website will assist you to limit legal liability associated with your website (or any linked third party website), assert your intellectual property rights and instill confidence in to prospective clients and customers, who visit your website.

How we can assist you

We can assist you by: preparing documentation for display on your website, including Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies, Spam Statements, Purchase & Shipping Terms, Refund Policies, Direct Debit Authorities, and Email Disclaimers; and revising legal documents, which you may currently display on your website.