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Everything Queensland Businesses Need to Know About the Small Business Entrepreneur Grants Program

Key information

Potential grant available: matched funding up to $5,000

Eligibility criteria: small businesses with Queensland HQ

Deadline for applications: 30 August 2019

Link to apply.

The Queensland Government is offering a new grant to help young businesses get off the ground. Provided by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT), the Small Business Entrepreneur Grants Program can provide matched funding of up to $5000 for newly established small businesses to engage a lawyer, consultant, advisor or business coach.

The program has been designed to encourage entrepreneurship in Queensland, and support newly established businesses through the critical early stages. The department hopes to facilitate access to professional advice, and hone its importance to businesses in their infancy. The overall goal of the grant offering is to make Queensland a viable, supportive and thriving environment for small businesses to launch and succeed.

The Queensland Government will provide a 50% funding contribution to successful applicants up to the value of $5,000. The minimum funding amount is $1,000, meaning projects totalling less than $2,000 are ineligible. Your business must match the amount funded by the grant.

Who is eligible for the Small Business Entrepreneur Grant program?

According to the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training, to be eligible for the grant your business must:

  • have a business name registered within the last four years
  • have fewer than 20 employees at the time of applying for the grant
  • have an active Australian Business Number (A.B.N.)
  • have a Queensland headquarters
  • not be insolvent or have owners/directors that are an undischarged bankrupt.

What advice can the Small Business Entrepreneur Grant be used for?

The grant is designed to help small businesses fund end-to-end projects with the help of the following professional services over a three-month period:

  • legal advice, including trade marking, e-commerce compliance (terms and conditions, privacy policies, etc.) and more
  • mentoring/coaching
  • business and strategic planning
  • professional business advice (information technology (IT), legal or financial)
  • marketing strategy development (branding strategies, social media/digital strategies, market research).

Applications must outline the proposed project, including a quote from the relevant professional for the scope of work. You must explain clearly how the work of the professional services will support the growth and success of the business, and what the intended outcomes are.

How can Pod Legal help Queensland small businesses?

Recipients of the grant are eligible to use their funding to cover legal costs, including those associated with securing trade marking, and establishing online terms and conditions and privacy policies. At Pod Legal, we’re experts in law across the online space, from e-commerce websites to trade marking. Engaging the help of a lawyer in business infancy can provide invaluable direction and insight for the future. With the right support and perspective, you can overcome challenges before they arise, and take steps to formalise and legitimise your business, allowing you to scale with confidence.

How are applications assessed?

Applications will be assessed on a variety of criteria, including the amount to which the project will support the business’ growth; the degree to which the business owners’ skills are developed; and the likelihood of favourable economic outcomes for the state.

Find out more and apply at the Queensland Government website. The deadline for this round is 30 August 2019. To discuss how your business could use the grant to engage Pod Legal’s services, book a time to speak with Jamie White.