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FREE Influencer Disclosure Statement

Get Your Free Influencer Disclosure Statement

On July 1st 2020, the Australian Influencer Marketing Council announced its first Influencer Marketing Code of Practice.

This Code of Practice outlines the way in which influencers and brands should approach all influencer marketing activities going forwards. For influencers, this means stringent new guidelines around advertising disclosure.

All posts that involve input from a brand, including contra arrangements and paid collaborations, must be explicitly disclosed.

The launch of the AIMCo Code of Practice marks an pivotal moment in Australia’s influencer marketing industry, inviting those who embrace the change to advance into the newly regulated and therefore highly respected industry landscape.

Pod Legal is offering influencers a FREE Disclosure Statement to display on their blog or make accessible via their social channels, indicating their awareness and compliance with the AIMCo Code of Practice.

The Influencer Disclosure Statement will include:

  • The capacity in which your identity works with brands
  • Your public commitment to advertising disclosure
  • Ways in which your audience can expect to experience disclosure
  • What disclosures mean for your audience

To receive your FREE disclosure statement and commit to your compliance with the Australian Influencer Marketing Council’s Code of Practice, enter your details into the form below. We will email you your personalised documents within 5 business days.