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The sharing of information, particularly via the Internet and social media, is now part of life. Therefore, it's sometimes difficult to know whether or not sharing information, under certain circumstances, might amount to copyright infringement.

Subject to a few exceptions, the author or creator of an original work will be the first owner of copyright in that work. As an owner of copyright, you will have the exclusive right to use, and control the use of, the work in which copyright exists. This includes the exclusive right to:

  • reproduce a work in material form
  • publish a work
  • perform a work in public
  • communicate the work in public
  • make an adaptation of the work

If any of the above acts are carried out without the permission of a copyright owner, then it is likely that copyright infringement will have occurred.

How we can assist you

We can assist you by:

  • providing succinct, practical and reliable advice on copyright issues, including whether or not your proposed conduct will amount to copyright infringement;
  • providing advice and representation in relation to copyright infringement and enforcement action, including via the preparation of cease and desist correspondence; and
  • preparing copyright licensing and assignment documentation, allowing for the commercialisation of copyright.

We are very experienced in all types of copyright matters, including those relating to social media.