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A domain name dispute usually occurs when a person holds the licence to a particular domain name and another person challenges that registration, due to a belief of entitlement. In other words, where there are conflicting or competing interests in a domain name.

Domain names are issued on a ‘first in, first serve’ basis, provided that the party wishing to register the domain name (the Registrant) meets certain eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to register a domain name, any one of the following must apply to the Registrant:

  • trading under a business name registered in any State or Territory of Australia;
  • be an Australian partnership;
  • be the owner or applicant of an Australian Registered Trade Mark;
  • an incorporated Association or an Australian Statutory body registered in any Australian State or Territory;
  • an Australian Registered Company; or
  • a foreign company licensed to trade in Australia.

Further, a domain name must be:

  • an exact match, abbreviation or acronym of the Registrant’s name or trade mark; or
  • closely and substantially connected to the Registrant.

How we can assist you

We can assist you by:

  • communicating and negotiating with a domain name registrant for the purpose of acquiring a certain domain name; and
  • acquiring a domain name from another party via prescribed dispute resolution channels, including the Australia Domain Name Administrator (AuDA) and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).