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On the Bookshelf: Innovation, Leading and Excellent Life and Being On Purpose

Unlocking the keys to innovation, living an excellent life and being On Purpose

This week we want to share some of the books that we’re reading and that you may want to add to your business resources to drive innovation and provide a practical framework for living an excellent life and being on pupose.

The Innovation Formula, Dr Amantha Imber (Inventim)
Dr Imber has worked with companies such as Google, Disney, LEGO and Virgin to provide a research-driven guide to improving innovation at all levels.

The Innovation Formula provides readers with a practical framework, using intelligent science-based strategies to create an organisation that succeeds by driving growth and maintaining relevance through innovation.
Find out more and shop The Innovation Formula here.

Practical Perfection – Smart strategies for an excellent life, Kelly Exeter
Practical Perfection has just moved to the top of the book stack. Staying on the right side of overwhelm can be difficult for most of us and Practical Perfection shares a framework that shows how anyone whose self-imposed high standards are holding them back can live an excellent life.
Who doesn’t want a excellent life?

If you need to get your perfectionist tendencies in check, stop being too hard on yourself or if you’re prone to overwhelm and burnout, Practical Perfection will help you find the time and space to be good to yourself. Shop the book or read more here.

On Purpose – Why great leaders start with the PLOT, Karen James
On Purpose is for people and organisations who need or are asking:

  • How can I motivate my team?
  • How do I launch or reinvigorate a project?
  • How do we redefine our purpose, vision and values?
  • How can we connect better with our customers?

On Purpose has been reviewed by Naomi Simson, Founder of RedBallon; Wendy McCarthy, AO; Ronni Kahn, CEO and Founder, OzHarvest; Janet Holmes A Court and many more. From innovation to transformation to community building – On Purpose provides a multitude of resources.
Shop On Purpose and download free resources here.

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