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podblog 38|14

I recently had good reason to be disconnected from social media. For those of you that know me, you’ll be aware that this caused all sorts of angst from being disengaged from my community.

When I reconnected I took time to catch up on the news and boy was it big! I wrote a Facebook post wrapping up the awesomeness of my community, which resulted in so many feel-good comments. The post and comments really highlighted the value of staying connected and celebrating achievements.

Pip McDonald suggested I post a weekly wrap and I’ve decided to accept this ‘challenge’. So, each week I’m going to highlight good news stories from my community.

I hope you enjoy following my podblog, which will be posted on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and also, our Pod Legal website.  You might be wondering what the numbers in the title represent?  The first number represents the week of year and the next number is the year (week 38 of 2014: 38|14).

You can read my original Facebook post below and comment on it here.

Here’s to celebrating success!


It looks like I picked the wrong week (or so) to be absent from social media. The socials went into meltdown last week with some #‎epic news and events.

Big, big, big congratulations to Business Chicks and Epic Pharmacy (especially Cathie Reid) for their stunning rebrands. Beautiful branding that speaks loudly to their values and community and ones that are a credit to their teams for some of the most incredible launch events ever!

On the subject of Business Chicks – what a week that was! Thousands of people across Australia were delighted by speakers Seth Godin and Arianna Huffington and enjoyed what it is like to experience #‎businesschicks. To the extraordinary team behind the scenes at Business Chicks, hurrah for your efforts. Months of sleepless nights and dedication to your community do not go unappreciated or unnoticed. Only Chicks like you could deliver of the events of the year and a rebrand in one week Samantha, Zoe, Rebecca, Brittany and all the #BusinessChicks team.

And far from least, there were tears of joy at the announcement of the news another little Isaacs will soon be welcomed into the world. Congratulations Emma. You are a beautiful mum, friend, leader and mentor.

Congratulations everyone!