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I have been so excited over recent weeks with the launch of the CommBank Women in Focus competition to win a life-changing business experience and an invitation to the 5th Annual Women In Focus Conference in Port Douglas.

Having been very fortunate to attend this Conference previously, I fully appreciate the value of this prize and know that it will indeed be life-changing. This is a truly experiential event – you know you are excited and looking forward to immersing yourself in the company of inspirational and innovative leaders – but until you have participated in the experience, you cannot fully realise the benefit of attending. I liken it to going to Disneyland for the first time. As a kid, I imagined how wonderful this place would be but until I stepped foot in the magic kingdom, I hadn’t really experienced the magic kingdom. Life-long friendships, strategic and business relationships are formed. Expansive learning on the themes of innovation, collaborative consumption, social consciousness and entrepreneurship happen with a fun intensity. There’s a whole lot more to the Women In Focus Annual Conference and you can read more from Alumni here.

So, it is with a huge smile that I congratulate Sally Hill, the winner of this life-changing event! Very soon you will understand the power of #womenCAN.
If you are reading about this event for the first time, or want to find out more, I encourage you to join the Women In Focus community (it’s free). Be sure to connect with me there once you do!

One of the truly fabulous people I have met through Women In Focus is author and social commentator, Dr Anita Heiss. Anita is incredibly humble about her achievements and I am often awed by her appearance and writing schedule. To hear Anita speak is enlightening, empowering and leaves you feeling pretty darn good. I’m thrilled to hear the news that Anita’s books ‘Tiddas’ and ‘Am I Black Enough For You?’ have just been released for sale in the US. Both of these books are on my recommended reading list.  Anita’s TEDx presentation is one that will impress you with humour, vibrancy and knowledge. If I haven’t convinced you to watch this, the comments on YouTube certainly will. Enjoy!

Congratulations to all the Smart Company Smart50 Awards. I would like to pass special congratulations to Ralf Luna, Susan Minnekeer and Ronnie Dietz from Universal Communications Group (UCG) in debuting at #16. UCG may not be a familiar name to some but for those in the telecommunications industry, they are well-known for being at the forefront of innovation and technology for this sector. Congratulations, Ralf, Sue, Ronnie and your team – I am truly thrilled for you and know you are deserving of this accolade.

Today is National Police Remembrance Day. It is a day to honour those police officers that have been killed or died as a result of their duties. Today, and all days, I pay my respect to all members of the police force that serve us in challenging and confronting times. My son and his wife both serve in the Queensland Police Force and we are very proud of them both.

On a personal note, Jamie and I would like to extend our deepest thanks for the heart-felt comments we received on the news of James’ admission to Bond University and our wedding anniversary. We are so grateful to belong to a community rich with friendships and valued relationships. Thank you.

Enjoy the week ahead and today, please remember to pay tribute in some way to the officers that serve in our police forces around the country.