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Why has my trade mark application been declined?

Reasons your trade mark has been declined

Have you filed a trade mark application and received an Adverse Examination Report from the Trade Marks Examiner? This means the Examiner is concerned your trade mark may not be eligible for registration. You now need to take action to overcome the Examiner’s concerns.

Why may objections have been raised against your trade mark?
• your trade mark too closely resembles a pre-existing trade mark, on the Trade Marks Register; and/or

• is too descriptive of the goods or services that you are offering in connection with your trade mark.

Often, there are ways to overcome the Examiner’s concerns and have your trade mark accepted for registration.

We have assisted many trade mark owners who have received Adverse Examination Reports and have an excellent track record in getting trade mark applications approved.

Fill in your details below for free, no-obligation advice on our recommended next steps for your trade mark application. Once you submit your information, we’ll be in touch to obtain your Adverse Examination Report for analysis. From there, we’ll provide our recommendations, and any costs should you wish to proceed with Pod Legal.