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Trade Mark Infringement

Trade mark infringement occurs when a competitor is found to be using a business name, logo, colour or other element of intellectual property that is identical or confusingly similar to a registered trade mark.

To qualify as an infringement, the category of goods or services in which the trade mark is being used must be the same or similar as that of the registered trade mark.

Do you have a trade mark that has been infringed upon?

If you own the rights to a trade mark you think may have been infringed upon, contact the Pod Legal team for assistance. Whether you have established a reputation with respect to the registered trade mark or not, you may still be able to commence legal action against the infringing party.

How we can assist you

Working with Pod Legal on your trade mark infringement case means we can:

  • advise you on how to establish whether or not a trade mark infringement has taken place
  • prepare and send cease and desist correspondence to infringing parties
  • represent you in the instance of trade mark infringement assertion against you
  • settle and negotiate any trade mark dispute so you are assured of the
  • best possible outcome for you and your business

We have assisted our clients to successfully enforce trade mark rights in Australia and internationally.

We recently engaged Pod Legal to assist us to enforce our intellectual property rights against an infringing party. The advice that we received and the action that was taken, on our behalf, was swift and effective. Lee Armstrong - Director, Thrive Community Services Pty Ltd