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What's a Trade Marks Attorney?

A Registered Trade Marks Attorney is a person, who's experienced in assisting with the registration, commercialisation and enforcement of trade marks.. A Registered Trade Marks Attorney has post-graduate qualifications and is required to be registered to practice under the Regulations relating to the Australian Trade Marks Act.

Qualifications of a Registered Trade Marks Attorney

A Registered Trade Marks Attorney has tertiary qualifications and training in the laws relating to trade marks.Not all Registered Trade Marks Attorneys have a law degree, or are legally trained and qualified. Therefore, it’s ideal to find a Registered Trade Marks Attorney, who is also a practising lawyer.

A Registered Trade Marks Attorney is experienced in:

  • advising on obtaining trade mark registration, both in Australia and internationally;
  • conducting comprehensive searches to advise on the use and registration of a trade mark;
  • facilitating the licensing and assignment of a trade mark; and
  • assisting in the conduct of trade mark litigation, both Australia and internationally.


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