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Social Media and the Law

We live in a world where integrating social media into your business is a must.

Social media can be used to build business relationships, obtain valuable customer insights, feature your brands or enhance the reputation of your business.

However, there’s a range of laws that impact upon social media. For example, laws relating to defamation, copyright, trade marks, advertising, marketing and privacy. Consequences for breaches include brand damage, negative business reputation, financial penalties, termination of employment and, in some cases, the permanent loss of social media pages.

Our interactive training provides important knowledge to key people to understand the legal risks associated with using social media, while still harnessing the power and advantages of it. Pod Legal’s professional trainers will encourage use of social media within your business, while providing strategies to manage the legal risk.

Training may be held on-site at your organisation and is tailored to suit your specific industry and needs. The duration of training is anywhere from three hours, up to a full day, depending on your requirements.

We’re ready to discuss how we can contribute to the overall experience of your next training event.