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What We Learned From Our Broken Washing Machine

Occasionally, some things are not as obvious as they seem. This was highlighted to us over the Christmas break when our washing machine decided that, it too, was going to take a well-earned break.
We recently relocated home and upon attempting to use our machine for the first time, it failed to pump cold water. We speculated that, as we could not hear the water pumping through the hose, that there was a problem with the ‘valve’. Pretty reasonable, right? Wrong.
So after plenty of frustration (and several trips to the laundromat) we called the plumber in to change the ‘valve’ when apparently, all that was required was for the hot and cold water hoses to be changed over.
You see, we were focused on what we (as non-experts) thought the problem was but as we learned, the problem was something quite different. We learned that:

  • it’s not always obvious what the problem is;
  • the problem in not always complex and expensive;
  • solutions can be simple and inexpensive; and
  • call in the experts from the outset.

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